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Fremont, California: Recent Attacks On Seniors Lead Police to Issue a Public Safety Alert, Urging Older Residents to Carry This New Safety Device

By Rachel Manfield | Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Following a surge in attacks on seniors, local police are advising older residents to carry a compact new safety device designed to deter attackers.

Ruth Miller, a 63-year-old from Fremont, California, had an ordinary grocery shopping day turn into a nightmare. As she approached her car, she felt she was being watched. Suddenly, a man tried to snatch her purse, demanding her wallet. In a panic, Ruth remembered her SafeSound Personal Alarm attached to her purse. She pulled the pin, and the alarm emitted a deafening sound, causing the assailant to flee.

While Ruth had the SafeSound Personal Alarm to protect her, others haven’t been as fortunate. Reports indicate a significant rise in attacks on seniors in January, leading to injuries and financial losses.

“The increasing attacks on seniors are deeply concerning. We urge our elderly residents to remain vigilant and consider carrying a personal alarm for their safety,” said a local police spokesperson.

After her ordeal, Ruth purchased SafeSound Personal Alarms for her family and friends, emphasizing its ease of attachment to bags, keys, and backpacks.

What is the SafeSound Personal Alarm?

The SafeSound Personal Alarm is a device that produces a 125db sound, equivalent to a military jet during takeoff. It’s designed for simplicity, using a pull-pin mechanism to activate the alarm, which can sound continuously for up to 30 minutes or until the pin is reinserted. Compact and durable, it can be attached to various personal items and reused multiple times.

The Inspiration Behind SafeSound

Paul Davidson, the creator of SafeSound, was motivated by a personal tragedy. His daughter, Michelle, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Research revealed that the ability to make noise is crucial during abductions. This insight led Paul to design the SafeSound Alarm, aiming to make it loud and easily accessible.

Paul’s mission extends beyond preventing abductions. He envisions the SafeSound device as a versatile tool for various scenarios, from children walking home to seniors needing assistance after a fall.

Who Can Benefit from SafeSound?

  • Women: As a deterrent against potential attackers.
  • Children: For protection on their way to school.
  • Seniors: To signal for help during emergencies like falls or health crises.


Police departments nationwide recommend the SafeSound Personal Alarm. Its popularity has led to frequent stock fluctuations, with the product often selling out. Customer testimonials highlight its effectiveness and the peace of mind it offers.

Customer Reviews:

“I ordered these for my daughters and myself as a safety measure. They’re incredibly loud and easy to use. Thankfully, we haven’t had to use them in a real situation, but during our tests, even my younger son found them too loud!”

-Claire Roberson

“It’s the perfect size, and the sound is impressively loud. This device has given me peace of mind.”

-Katie Martin

“I got these for my wife. They’re compact, about 3″ long, and lightweight. She has one on her purse and another on her keychain. They’re impressively loud!”

-Philip Bishop

Expert Opinion:

Chief of Police Jeff Strum states, “The SafeSound Personal Alarm has been instrumental in saving countless lives. With the rise in violent crimes this year, the SafeSound Personal Alarm has proven to be a reliable deterrent. In cases where it’s used, victims usually remain unharmed.”

Live Demonstration:

At a recent conference, Paul Davidson showcased the SafeSound’s capabilities. The attendees were advised to cover their ears before he pulled the pin. The sound was overwhelming, filling the outdoor venue, clearly illustrating its potential to deter attackers and attract attention.

Pricing and Value:

Two SafeSound devices are priced at $39.95 online. Bulk purchases come with additional discounts. Considering the safety and peace of mind it offers, it’s a worthy investment.

Is it Worth It?

Absolutely in today’s unpredictable world, safety is a paramount concern, especially for vulnerable groups like seniors, women, and children. The SafeSound Personal Alarm isn’t just another gadget; it’s a lifeline.


UPDATE – Thursday, August 24, 2023 –  a special senior discount of 50% off is available for California residents. Due to high demand, over 1.5 million units have been sold, and stock is limited.



Linda Thompson

"I purchased the SafeSound for my college-going daughter, and she's been raving about the sense of security it provides. She even demonstrated its sound during a family gathering, and we were all taken aback by its intensity. A must-have for anyone!"


Samuel Owens

"Bought this for my elderly mother after reading about its features. She was initially skeptical but now won't leave the house without it. She loves how simple it is to use. Great product!"

Nina Patel

"The SafeSound Personal Alarm is a game-changer. I jog early in the mornings when it's still dark out, and having this alarm with me makes me feel so much safer. The pull-pin mechanism is genius. Every runner should have one!"

Raj Patel

"I gifted FinallyFresh to my sister after it worked wonders for me. Now, our entire family swears by it. It's like giving your washing machine a spa day!"


Eleanor Hughes

"I travel frequently for work, often to unfamiliar cities. The SafeSound Personal Alarm has become as essential as my passport. Compact, loud, and easy to use, it's the perfect travel companion for added security."


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