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After a Frightening Incident with Her Young Son, a Mother Discovers a Brilliant Solution to Prevent Rugs from Slipping and Curling at the Corners

Suzie Davidson | Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Recently, an incident left me deeply unsettled. My son’s trip to the emergency room was a stark reminder of how quickly things can change.

Reflecting on the events leading up to this, I recall a purchase I made about a year ago. I found a beautiful area rug that complemented our dark hardwood floors perfectly. Within 15 minutes, it was in my van, and I was $200 lighter. I believed it was money well spent, given how it enhanced our living space.

However, if you have children or pets, you’ll understand that maintaining the pristine condition of household items can be challenging. Our two Golden Retrievers would playfully skid across the rug, shifting its position. While it wasn’t a major issue, it was certainly bothersome. But the real challenge was with the kids.

For some reason, they struggled to lift their feet while walking, often causing the rug’s corners to flip. Over time, these corners began to stay curled, marking the beginning of a bigger problem.

Observing those curled rug corners, I realized they needed addressing. They not only disrupted the room’s aesthetics but also posed a tripping hazard. To remedy this, I opted for adhesive stickers designed to secure rugs in place. However, this decision quickly proved regrettable.

The adhesive effectiveness was short-lived, lasting barely a week. To add insult to injury, the oils from the stickers left unsightly stains on my hardwood floor.

It was frustrating. I felt compelled to keep the rug in place, primarily to conceal those unsightly stains. And then, on what seemed like a typical day, a heart-stopping incident occurred.

While Tommy, my youngest, was engrossed in playing with his toy cars in the living room, I was in the kitchen preparing his favorite PB&J sandwich. Suddenly, a loud thud echoed from the living room, immediately followed by a distressing cry. Rushing in, the sight before me was gut-wrenching.

Tommy lay on the floor, clutching his chin. As he moved his hands away, a deep gash was revealed. It was evident that a trip to the hospital was imminent.

After a grueling 6 hours and 7 stitches, we returned home. The sight of that rug haunted me, especially with the thought that it could have been my 78-year-old mother who might have tripped.

I was at a crossroads. Should I discard the rug? Was there a foolproof solution out there? As destiny would have it, an answer was just around the corner.

A couple of days post Tommy’s accident, I visited my friend Julia’s place for some much-needed relaxation over wine. Upon entering, I noticed a rug neatly placed on her tiled floor. Whether it was out of sheer frustration or simple curiosity, I nudged the rug with my foot. To my astonishment, it remained unmoved. I pondered, “How could a rug stay put on such a slippery surface?”

The rug remained steadfast, prompting my curiosity. I bent down, wondering if Julia had used the same adhesive stickers I had, intending to caution her about their pitfalls. However, lifting the rug’s corner revealed a pristine floor with no adhesive in sight. Instead, something peculiar caught my eye.

Beneath each corner of the rug was a pad resembling rubber. On closer examination, I noted its tacky texture. How did these pads manage to be so effective without damaging the floor, unlike the ones I had used?

Julia, noticing my intrigue, chimed in before I could voice my thoughts.

“Caught your attention, didn’t it?” she remarked. “Those are RugStoppers. It’s as if the rug is seamlessly anchored to the floor.”

RugStoppers? I pondered on the name. Could this be the solution I had been desperately seeking?

What Are RugStoppers and How Do They Work?

RugStoppers are a slide-proof system that keeps rugs stationary and their corners flat. Unlike oil-based stickers, they use an adhesive gel that can be renewed by wetting. They’re suitable for all floor types, including carpet, and make cleaning easy.

Since their invention just over a year ago, RugStoppers have sold over 5 million units, mostly through word of mouth. With over 8,000 5-star reviews and endorsements from TV personalities like Anne Guthrie, it’s clear that they’re a game-changer.

RugStoppers have taken America by storm.

In just over a year since its inception, RugStoppers has achieved remarkable success, boasting sales of over 5 million units.

What’s even more impressive? They’ve achieved this without any TV advertising. The efficacy of RugStoppers is so commendable that the majority of its sales are driven by word of mouth.

But is it Truly Living Up to the Buzz?

Social media is abuzz with praises for RugStoppers. Here are a few testimonials I’ve encountered:

RugStoppers have quickly developed a loyal following. With over 8,000 5-star reviews, here’s what customers are saying:

Our dog caused our newly purchased braid rug slide out of place and bunch up. The rug was even unstable under foot traffic. We purchased the RugStoppers to add needed traction on Tehran vinyl wood flooring. It completely solved the problem! So Happy!
Two throw rugs in the kitchen that are always moving away, flipping up, and annoying me. It took less than five minutes to position the RugStoppers, lay them on the floor and put the throw rugs on top. Easy peasy! The rugs have not moved an inch since installation. They both stay in place THANKS.

I wrote to Anne Guthrie, star of TV’s hit home-decoration series Prep This Place, to see what she had to say about RugStoppers.

I absolutely love RugStoppers. With a TV crew tramping around the houses I’m decorating, things get kicked around and tripped over all the time. But, not my rugs! I make sure to have RugStoppers placed on ALL the rugs on Prep This Place, and I even use them at home!

Wow! After receiving that glowing endorsement, I was sold! I need to try RugStoppers myself!

So, I ordered them from the official website and they arrived in the mail just three days later.

Setting it up was effortless and took merely a minute.

Just three straightforward steps:

  1. Affix the transparent sticker to the rug’s underside.
  2. Adhere the smooth side of the RugStoppers to the stickers.
  3. Position the rug smoothly on the floor.
    And voilà! Once secured, they’re immovable – I can vouch for that!

Truly, it’s as simple as it sounds!

Fast forward two months, and that rug has truly been put to the test!

No more upturned corners, even with a nudge. My dogs can’t skid across the hardwood as if they’re on a whimsical flying carpet. Plus, the peace of mind knowing my mom won’t face any mishaps during her visits is priceless.

Impressed by the RugStoppers’ performance, I purchased six additional sets for every rug in my home. I even gifted some to my mother, ensuring her safety as well.

Check out the other rugs I’ve secured with RugStoppers!

And lastly, here is a picture of my mother putting it to good use on her own rug at home!

What’s the Price Tag?

SPECIAL UPDATE: Since the release of my article, the official RugStoppers website has witnessed a 50% surge in traffic! As a token of appreciation, they’re offering all my readers a generous 50% DISCOUNT when accessing the website through this article. What a fantastic gesture!

Moreover, RugStoppers comes with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Is the Investment Worthwhile?

In one word: Undoubtedly. I rigorously tested these pads. I’ve lifted the corners repeatedly, and I’ve nudged the rug until I was out of breath. The pads remain firmly attached, and the rug stays put!

They’ve been nothing short of miraculous, and honestly, I’d have been willing to pay even more for such effectiveness.

If you’re tired of those pesky curled rug corners or concerned about potential trips and falls, it’s high time you gave RugStoppers a shot. With their Money-Back Guarantee, there’s zero risk involved!


UPDATE – Thursday, August 24, 2023 –  there’s a special 50% off for online orders. But this offer won’t last long, especially with the soaring demand. Over 3.5 million units have been sold, and stocks are depleting fast. Grab yours now and gift your loved ones the joy of clean dishes!



Georgann Genna

These are super handy. I can't tell you how many times my kids have tripped while running around the livingroom. Now no more lifted edges and no more slipping!


Clay Matthew

Very easy to install, just peel and stick! And they are washable which is a huge plus when using them in a different spot.

Erika Meddie

Hands down the most practical purchase I've made for my living room. They hold the rug very well yet come off clean for moving and replacement, No damage to my rugs or flooring at all.

Cheryl Rackers

I wasn't expecting much from this, but it is doing a great job holding a 2.5 x 8.0 foot runner rug firmly where I want it. Thanks!


Betty Sylvester

I was skeptical even with all the positive reviews that this thing would work - but it does! Rugs stay put.


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