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Elderly Homes Under Threat: How One Couple's New Security Device Sent a Burglar Running

By Hector Kramer | Monday, August 14, 2023
The investigation into a near-tragic burglary is ongoing. Tom and Sarah, a couple aged 68 and 72 from San Francisco, California, narrowly escaped harm when two masked intruders broke into their home. The thieves made away with a safe containing $10,000 and sentimental jewelry. The stolen car used for their escape was later found abandoned.
Disturbingly, this incident is part of a rising trend: targeted burglaries against the elderly. Sheriff Ron Dowling notes.
“The elderly often lack adequate security measures, making them vulnerable targets.”
Given the surge in home burglaries, authorities are urging everyone, especially the elderly, to prioritize home security. Sheriff Dowling personally vouches for the PrimeGuard Security Camera, praising its quality and affordability.

Discover PrimeGuard: Your Ultimate Security Companion!

Ever wished for a security camera that’s smart, wireless, and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket? Meet PrimeGuard! Designed for those who crave top-notch security without the fuss of complex setups or hefty monthly fees.
Thanks to its cutting-edge PIR technology, PrimeGuard springs to life only when there’s action, ensuring you save on energy and storage. And here’s the magic: the moment it senses any movement—be it a sneaky burglar, a mischievous package thief, or just your friendly mailman—it sends an instant alert to your phone.
But that’s not all! Feel threatened? With a single tap on your phone, unleash PrimeGuard’s alarm to send potential intruders scampering. Dive into a smarter, safer world with PrimeGuard!

Unleash the Power of PrimeGuard!

Imagine a security camera that never tires! PrimeGuard boasts a robust 1000mAh lithium-ion battery, ensuring you’re always in the know. Dive into crystal-clear 1080p recordings, saved either on an SD card or securely in the cloud. And the best part? Go wire-free and access live feeds right from your phone, tablet, or computer, anytime, anywhere.
Crafted from ultra-durable materials, PrimeGuard laughs in the face of rain, heat, and snow. And with a jaw-dropping 3 months between charges, it’s the marathon runner of security cameras! Add to that a sweeping 120-degree view and a 50-foot vision range, and you’ve got a security sentinel that misses nothing.

PrimeGuard: More Than Just Buzz?

Hold on a second – 9 million units flying off the virtual shelves and not even a store display in sight? That’s PrimeGuard for you! Every time we restock, they’re gone in a flash. Why? Because they’re that good.
The secret sauce? Our amazing community! It’s not just about ads or promotions. It’s real people, sharing their genuine love for PrimeGuard on platforms like Instagram and raving about it to friends and family. When something’s this good, word travels fast!

Why is Everyone Talking About PrimeGuard?

With a rapidly growing fanbase and a whopping 5,000 glowing 5-star reviews, it’s clear PrimeGuard isn’t just another security camera—it’s a movement. Dive in to see what our thrilled customers have to share:

Frank B

“I use this camera on a tree and a light post facing my home. It’s excellent for monitoring the exterior when I’m away. The wireless feature is a game-changer!”

Wendy T.

“High-quality camera paired with outstanding customer service. So user-friendly that I, a 60-year-old, set it up by myself!”

Edgar Y

“Fantastic product. The picture quality is top-notch, and the night vision is impressively clear for such a compact device.”

Real Stories, Real Impact

After their traumatic experience, Tom and Sarah installed PrimeGuard Cameras. Five months later, when the suspects returned, the cameras detected them. Tom activated the alarm, sending the intruders fleeing. The footage led to a swift arrest.

My Personal Experience

After a neighbor’s break-in, I installed PrimeGuard cameras. Their effectiveness was proven when they deterred a package thief. The easy installation, clear footage, and long battery life make PrimeGuard a top recommendation.

Setting Up PrimeGuard: Easier Than Making Toast!

Trust me, I’m no DIY guru, but setting up PrimeGuard? A breeze! In less time than it takes to brew your morning coffee, you’ll have it up and watching over your home. Here’s how:
  • Choose Your Spot & Mount: PrimeGuard offers flexibility with two mounting options. Fancy the magnetic bracket? It’s a snap and holds firm. Prefer something even sturdier? Opt for the punch bracket. Either way, say goodbye to tangled wires—it’s 100% wireless!
  • Quick App Download: In a mere 30 seconds, I had the controlling app on my phone.
  • Voilà! Instant View: The moment I launched the app, there it was—a crystal-clear view of my backyard and front porch.
Curious about the clarity? Check out this snapshot from my PrimeGuard in the backyard:

A Close Call, Thanks to PrimeGuard!

Just five days in, and PrimeGuard already proved its worth! Picture this: I’m at work, daydreaming about the brand-new laptop I’d ordered, which was set to arrive that day. The anticipation was real! But then, my phone buzzed with a PrimeGuard alert.
I tapped in, and there it was—a live feed of a stranger, bold as brass, strolling onto my porch, eyes on MY package. The clarity? So sharp I could’ve recognized him in a crowd! Thanks to PrimeGuard, I caught him in the act, red-handed.

PrimeGuard to the Rescue: A Tale of a Foiled Heist!

Picture this: A package thief, eyes gleaming with mischief, about to snatch my brand-new laptop. But just as he thought he’d hit the jackpot, I hit the alarm button on my PrimeGuard app. The blaring alarm sent him into a frenzy, dropping my package and sprinting away like he’d seen a ghost!
That single moment? It made every penny spent on PrimeGuard worth it. But the perks didn’t stop there. The peace of mind knowing my home is shielded from prying eyes? Priceless. So much so, I’ve decked out my entire home with PrimeGuard cameras for 360° surveillance.
And here’s a nifty feature: the two-way audio system. I can chat with visitors (or deter potential thieves) even when I’m miles away. A friend of mine splurged on a high-end security system just for this feature, and here I am, getting it for a fraction of the cost!
But wait, there’s more! A month in, Mother Nature decided to test PrimeGuard with a storm. I was anxious, but the next day? PrimeGuard stood unscathed, living up to its IP65 waterproof promise. And the cherry on top? Three whole months went by before I even thought of charging it.


For just $100, PrimeGuard offers a lifetime of security. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

PrimeGuard has been a game-changer for my home’s security. Its features, combined with its affordability, make it a must-have. I’ve gifted it to family members, and they’re just as impressed.
UPDATE: PrimeGuard’s popularity has skyrocketed since its TV feature. They’re now offering a limited-time 50% discount. Check for availability here.

Customer Feedback Continues:

Samantha J.

"I've tried several security cameras over the years, but PrimeGuard takes the cake! The clarity, even at night, is unmatched. Plus, the two-way audio is a game-changer. I was able to tell the delivery guy where to leave my package while I was on vacation. Highly recommend!"

Derek L

"PrimeGuard is the silent guardian of my home. The battery life is phenomenal, and the setup was a breeze. Caught a raccoon trying to raid my trash, and the alarm sent it scurrying! If it can deter wildlife, burglars don't stand a chance."

Clara M.

" Living in a busy city, I needed something reliable. PrimeGuard has exceeded my expectations. The alerts are prompt, and the footage is crystal clear. It's like having a personal security guard, but without the hefty price tag."

Raj K

"The peace of mind PrimeGuard offers is unparalleled. I gifted one to my parents, and they've been raving about it. The wireless feature means no messy cables, and the app is super intuitive. A must-have for every home."

Lila P.

"I was skeptical at first, but PrimeGuard has won me over. The two-way audio came in handy when I was away, and my kids locked themselves out. I could communicate with them through the camera! It's not just a security device; it's a lifesaver."

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