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Americans Are Flocking to This New Cleaning Device That Disinfects Phones Using Advanced UV-C Light Technology

By Sandra Lee | Saturday, August 12, 2023
Recently, I discovered something that changed how I view my phone. While folding laundry, my daughter Sarah played a game on my phone. The 6 o’clock news featured a story about phones being potential health hazards. They revealed that the average cell phone harbors “18 times more bacteria than a public restroom.” This bacteria comes from our hands, which touch various surfaces daily. Unlike our hands, our phones aren’t washed regularly.
The report also highlighted that many phones have fecal matter on them because people use them in restrooms. This revelation made me anxious, especially thinking about using my phone while cooking.
anitizing wipes are a temporary solution. So, I reached out to a germ-conscious friend who introduced me to Alastra. It’s a device that uses UV light to disinfect your phone while charging.

What is Alastra?

Alastra is a unique phone charger that employs UV light to sanitize your phone, killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in just 10 minutes.

How Does It Work?

Simply place your phone inside the Alastra and close the lid. During a 10-minute cycle, UV-C light eradicates bacteria and viruses by damaging their DNA, rendering them harmless.

Who's Using Alastra?

Given that phones can be breeding grounds for bacteria, it’s no surprise that over 1 million Alastra units have been sold. People are becoming more aware of the risks and are taking steps to protect themselves.

Is It Worth the Hype?

Since its launch, Alastra has gained immense popularity, with over 5000 5-star reviews. Many users praise its simplicity and effectiveness. Dawn Clarinwall, a Pathologist at St. Eve’s Hospital, vouches for its efficacy, emphasizing the dangers of unsanitized phones.
After hearing such endorsements, I decided to try Alastra. I conducted an experiment using petri dishes and found that post-sanitization, my phone was free of bacteria.

Here's what some satisfied customers have to say:

Skeptical at First,
But… “Initially, I was doubtful. However, my background in Biology made me curious. After trying it out, I’m convinced. The science is sound, and the product is both effective and user-friendly.”
It Truly Works
“I researched phone sterilization before purchasing. Experts confirm that it eliminates the germs that cover our phones. While you can’t see the difference, knowing it’s clean gives peace of mind.”
Simple and Stylish
“The operation is straightforward: place your phone inside, close the lid, and in about 10 minutes, it’s sanitized. Plus, its sleek design reminds me of premium Apple products. It’s spacious enough for larger phones, ensuring it’s a long-term investment.”

Professional Endorsement

“Many underestimate the health risks associated with cell phones. They’re akin to a portable petri dish. UV-C light’s bacteria-killing properties are well-documented. I’ve tested Alastra in my lab, and it delivers on its promises. I’ve been urging fellow doctors to recommend it. It’s a simple step towards better health.”
Dawn Clarinwall, a Pathologist at St. Eve’s Hospital, states,

My Personal Experience

Upon receiving my Alastra, I was impressed by its premium packaging and design. While I was confident in UV-C light’s capabilities, I conducted a personal test. I swabbed my phone before and after using Alastra and sent the samples to a lab. The results were clear: the post-Alastra sample was bacteria-free.

Is It Worth the Investment?

Though the regular price of Alastra is $160, they’re offering a limited-time 50% discount, bringing it down to $79.95. When weighing the cost against the health benefits and peace of mind it provides, it’s undoubtedly a worthy investment.
UPDATE: Given the recent health concerns, the Alastra UV Phone Sanitizer is flying off the shelves. To combat the outbreak, there’s a one-time 50% discount. Check if it’s still in stock here.

A Game-Changer for Germaphobes!

Megan T.

"I've always been wary of the germs on my phone, especially after a day out. Alastra has been a game-changer for me. I pop my phone in every night before bed, and it's so reassuring to know I'm starting each day with a germ-free device. Highly recommend!"

Derek L.

Being a tech enthusiast, I've seen many gadgets, but Alastra stands out. Not only does it charge my phone efficiently, but it also ensures it's clean from harmful bacteria. It's tech meeting health in the best way possible!"

Isabella R.

"I love how Alastra seamlessly blends into my modern home decor. More than its looks, it gives me peace of mind, especially with two kids who constantly borrow my phone. Knowing it's sanitized at the end of the day is priceless."

Carlos V.

"I bought one for my home and was so impressed that I got another for my office. It's become an essential part of my routine. Plus, it's super easy to use. A must-have in today's world!"

Sophie K.

"I used to wipe my phone with sanitizing wipes multiple times a day, but I was never sure if it was truly clean. With Alastra, I'm 100% confident. It's a brilliant device that's worth every penny."

Jordan H.

"Never thought I'd be this excited about a phone sanitizer, but here we are! Alastra has become an indispensable part of my daily routine. It's like having a mini health guardian right on my nightstand."

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