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Discover the magic of personalized lighting with our Creative LED Night Light Note Board. Illuminate your space with warm, soft light while jotting down important notes or heartfelt messages. Perfect for children and adults alike, this note board is a must-have in every home.


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Best-Selling Creative LED Night Light Note Board for Every Situation

There’s no question that every home needs to have a Creative LED Night Light Note Board. Rated as one of the best-selling LED night lights on the market. With a warm, soft light and the ability to personalize messages, this compact yet versatile night light can handle anything.

Drive Safe and Save Money

Ensure safety and save money by gifting this LED night light to your loved ones. It serves as a gentle reminder to jot down important notes or simply express your love through little messages, fostering communication and understanding.

Everyone Loves the Creative LED Night Light Note Board!

Over 438 positive reviews and counting!

Sarah M.

23 Jul 2023

“I bought this for my daughter’s room, and it has become an instant hit! She loves drawing little pictures before bed, and the warm light gives her room such a cozy atmosphere. Highly recommend!”

Emily R.

12 Jan 2023

“I love how this note board allows me to personalize my space. It’s both functional and beautiful, adding a warm glow to my room while letting me jot down important reminders for the next day. It’s a must-have in every home!”

David L.

03 Aug 2023

“This LED note board is a game-changer. My wife and I leave each other sweet notes, and it has added a special touch to our home. The light is just the right brightness to add a warm glow to our living room.”

Michael K.

03 Jan 2023

“As someone who appreciates good design and functionality, this LED note board has exceeded my expectations. It’s a great addition to my home office, helping me keep track of important tasks while adding a nice touch to the décor.”

Anita B.

08 Aug 2023

“I got this as a gift for my best friend, and she absolutely loves it! She uses it as a decorative piece in her living room, and it’s always a conversation starter when she has guests over. A unique and thoughtful gift!”

Carlos V.

04 Aug 2023

“The Creative LED Night Light Note Board is not just a night light; it’s a canvas for expression. I jot down my inspirational quotes, and it serves as a daily reminder to stay positive. The quality is excellent, and it’s very easy to use.”

From Bedtime Stories to Heartfelt Notes

Whether it’s leaving a sweet note for a loved one or jotting down a quick reminder for the next day, the Creative LED Night Light Note Board is your go-to solution. It’s not just a night light; it’s a canvas for your thoughts, a beacon of love, and a source of warm light in your home.

Using the Creative LED Night Light Note Board is SIMPLE AND EASY

The all-in-one solar solution that requires no technical know-how.

Step 1

Plug it in using the USB connector and watch it come to life, ready to display your messages in a warm glow.

Step 2

Use the pen to write down your messages or doodles, personalizing your space in a fun and interactive way.

Step 3

Switch it on to illuminate your messages, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room.

Rebecca T.

“I can’t get over how adorable this LED note board is! I use it to leave little love notes for my partner, and it has honestly brought so much joy and warmth to our home. It’s the little things that count, and this note board has become a cherished little thing in our household.”

Jason D

“I purchased this for my son who is in college, and he loves it! It’s a great way for him to jot down quick reminders and it adds a cozy touch to his dorm room. Plus, it’s a hit with his roommates!”


Built with quality!


Orders over $100 ship free!


No risk return policy!


Based on 531 reviews, our customers love the Creative LED Night Light Note Board. Join the happy family of users who have added a touch of creativity and warmth to their homes.


Linda K.

"I'm impressed with the quality and functionality of this LED note board. It's a great tool to have in my office, helping me jot down important points during meetings. The warm light adds a nice touch to the room, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere."

Sophia N.

"I bought this as a gift for my niece, and she adores it! She loves drawing and writing messages on it, and it serves as a wonderful night light in her room. It's a fantastic purchase, and I'm considering getting one for myself too!"

Omar J.

"This note board is a wonderful addition to our home. It's a great way to leave reminders for family members and adds a personal touch to our living space. The light is soft and warm, creating a cozy atmosphere. Highly recommend!"

I hope these reviews suit your needs! Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to focus on in the reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I write on the Creative LED Night Light Note Board?
You can write messages, draw doodles, or even create a to-do list on the note board. It’s a versatile tool that allows you to personalize your space with warm messages or fun drawings.

The note board can be easily wiped clean with a dry or slightly damp cloth, allowing you to create new messages or drawings as often as you like.

Yes, the LED light emits a warm and soft glow, making it a perfect night light to create a cozy atmosphere in your room while allowing you to read the messages clearly.

Absolutely, the Creative LED Night Light Note Board is designed to be safe for children. However, we recommend adult supervision to ensure safe usage.

The LED night light is powered through a USB connection, which can be plugged into any standard USB adapter, making it a convenient and eco-friendly choice.

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