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A better tomorrow starts tonight.

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SNOOZ your way to superior sleep.

We meticulously engineered best-in-class sound machines for the best sleep possible.

Calm a Restless Mind

Wrap yourself in a blanket of
sound so you can fall asleep.
Gentle white noise provides an
environmental cue that it’s time to

Promote Deeper Sleep

Disturbances can knock you out of
your REM cycle without you even
knowing. White noise can prevent
disturbances from disrupting your

Wake Up Refreshed

The better you sleep at night, the
better you perform during the day.
Making your bedroom a
comfortable, relaxing space is an
investment in wellness.

Sleep soundly, live better.

We focus so much on diet and exercise, why not sleep?

The science is clear: sleep plays a crucial role in our overall
wellness. When you sleep better at night, you perform better
during the day.

Say goodnight to disturbances.

Don't just track sleep disturbances - end them. SNOOZ raises
the baseline level of sound in your room so many noises are
completely masked and others are less startling.

“I was skeptical of this sound machine at first,
but now I can't sleep without it.”

"If this white noise machine can't get you a good
night of shut-eye, nothing will."

"The SNOOZ should be able to lull even the
lightest sleeper to dreamland."

Get the best shut-eye you’ve ever had. Guaranteed.

Try SNOOZ for the next few months. If you’re not blown away with how much you love your sleep, return it for free and get your money back.

• Free shipping and free returns on all orders
• 100-Night Happiness Guarantee
• Hassle-Free Warranty

SNOOZ can help with:

Noisy Hotels
Jessica C.
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“I’m a flight attendant and sleep at crazy times in noisy hotels and the SNOOZ is a lifesaver.”
Loud Neighbors
Belinda C.
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“I went from hardly any sleep because of my neighbors annoying dogs to not hearing them at all!!!”
City Noise
Libby L.
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“I use this to mask the constant, noisy traffic outside my window and this certainly does the job.”

You deserve better sleep.