How I Brought a 20-Year-Old Greasy Oven Back to Life in Seconds... Without Any Scrubbing!

Rodger Beck | Sunday, August 13, 2023


I was over the moon when I purchased my first house a few years ago. Moving my family from a cramped two-bedroom apartment to a spacious 2,000 square foot home with a detached garage felt like the realization of the American Dream.

However, a few weeks in, the excitement began to wane. The responsibility of maintaining a full house, as opposed to a two-bedroom apartment, was more demanding than I had anticipated.

With limited funds after the purchase, renovating our new home, which had been used for 20 years by the previous owner, wasn’t an option. So, we decided to embark on a cleaning spree. Armed with an array of cleaning supplies from the department store, I went all out. Despite my best efforts, some areas, especially the oven, remained stubbornly dirty. It got so frustrating that we stopped using the oven altogether, even though we loved baking.

In my quest for a solution, I reached out to my mother, whose house was always spotless. She recommended DrClean Spray, an all-purpose cleaner she had recently discovered. Intrigued, I decided to research the product before giving it a try.

What Is DrClean Spray and How Does It Work?

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DrClean Spray is a versatile cleaning agent, powered by quick-fizz technology. It produces super suds that effectively tackle stubborn dirt and grime. Designed for heavy-duty cleaning, its eco-friendly and non-toxic ingredients ensure safety for both users and pets. Its unique formula, devoid of fluorescent agents, uses natural biological enzymes to break down stains, making it both environmentally friendly and highly effective.


Is It Really Worth the Hype?

With over 10 million units sold directly to consumers and a plethora of positive reviews, DrClean Spray’s popularity is undeniable. Its effectiveness has garnered it a loyal customer base, with many sharing their positive experiences online.

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After reading numerous reviews and testimonials, I decided to try DrClean Spray for myself. The results were astonishing. My oven, which had been a significant pain point, was transformed with just a few sprays. The ease of use and the results achieved with DrClean Spray were truly remarkable.



Diane L.


Verified Buyer


I am extremely pleased with this product. It exceeded my expectations, and unlike other sprays I’ve used, the scent didn’t give me a headache. I’ll continue buying this product as long as it’s available.



Hailey C.


Verified Buyer


I needed a heavy-duty cleaner, and DrClean Spray fit the bill perfectly. The pleasant scent and ease of use are exactly what I needed. It arrived on time and lived up to the reviews!



Derrick T.


Verified Buyer


Excellent fizzing cleaner! It powers through tough grime with ease, and the included spray bottle is a thoughtful touch. One tablet goes a long way, and I can clean my entire house with just one.

My Personal Experience

After seeing the overwhelming number of positive reviews, I had to try DrClean Spray for myself. I ordered from their official website, and it arrived in just 2 days.

The first challenge was my oven. I followed the instructions, dissolving the tablet in the provided spray bottle.

After spraying every corner of my oven and waiting a few seconds, the grease started to dissolve. A simple wipe down, and the transformation was incredible.

The relief I felt using DrClean was indescribable. No more hours of scrubbing or dealing with harsh chemical smells. With DrClean Spray, I achieved a pristine finish throughout my house. Whether it was the stovetop, floor, or even my wooden coffee table, the results were consistently impressive.

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With DrClean Spray, I achieved a pristine finish throughout my house.




stove clean


floor clean

Whether it was the stovetop, floor, or even my wooden coffee table, the results were consistently impressive.

spray wooden table

How Much Does It Cost?

Currently priced at $20 on their official website, DrClean Spray offers incredible value for money.

Is It Worth It?

In my experience, DrClean Spray is a game-changer. It’s an all-in-one solution that significantly reduces cleaning time, allowing me to enjoy my home more. For those struggling with stubborn stains and grime, I can’t recommend DrClean Spray enough. It’s made a world of difference in my home, and I believe it can do the same for yours.


UPDATE Tuesday, August 22, 2023Since its feature on TV, DrClean has generated significant buzz and has sold over 2 million units. Due to its overwhelming popularity and stellar reviews, the company is currently offering a 50% discount for a limited time. Check availability and apply the discount HERE.


cathy 1

Cathy Hershey

Amazing cleaner! It got all of the oil and grime off of my super old stove and over... thanks so much!

Pamela Lawler

These tablets are REALLY handy and super easy to use. Plus they don't give off a harsh chemical smell which is really nice for my family.


Irwin Stevens

I really struggle with cleaning my apartment haha but these tablets and spray are super user-friendly. Really low effort to clean up set in stains or grime. And it works on everything!


Chasidy Marlette

One of the best products I've found in a long time. We had some serious staining in our carpets that had been there for years....nothing would clean them properly....not even a professional carpet cleaning service. This product worked like magic!


Leonardo Borum

I purchased this because I wanted to get a mystery stain off of my couch. It was successful in getting the stain out of my suede couch very easily!

Margarita Morgan

I used these cleaner tablets to clean my kitchen and bathroom. It's nice wiping down my kitchen surfaces with something non-toxic for once!

Tonia Balderrama

This stuff is excellent. I just used it to clean my entire house and it performed very well on everything from tile, glass, stainless steel, chrome, wood, laminate, computer monitors, TV's, metal, plastic, baseboards, walls - you name it!


Whitney Garcia

Really like this cleaner! Leaves my sink nice and shiny clean 🙂

Cristian Damico

This product works really well on all kinds of stains. Just as advertised. Honestly, you won't regret to buy more and more!


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